New URL ~ a most WANTED NEED fulfilled!!!

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New URL ~ a most WANTED NEED fulfilled!!!

And just because I want to really make this happen for me, I need to MOVE.  Thanks so much to my ever supportive friends, Bew and “followers” (wooooaaaah???).  Keep reading ’cause there’s more wants and needs to be uncovered! 



Movie vs Film: Top 3 Movies You NEED To Watch

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I’m a movie junkie.  Yep!  Certified!  If there are things I can’t live without doing, it’s going to the movies, watching DVDs, reading movie reviews or posting famous lines from movies.  So it’s all about the “reel” thing!

Well, I am also a film fanatic.  Hep, hep, hep…yes, there’s a slight difference between movie and film.  I guess this will forever be a debate among those in the industry.

Simply put — Movies are “commercial” and have more popular appeal.  A good example would be the box office, Titanic starred in by Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.  Films is a “posher” word as in foreign language films.  

Honestly, I haven’t been in the movies for a while.  Yeah, been busy.  Been I got to see three really great movies which would definitely make you feel like a loser  if you missed even one of ’em.


DARK SHADOWS by Tim Burton.


MIB3 by Barry Sonnenfeld.



Each have their own identity — story and execution.  I’ve achieved what I needed to feel after watching each — relaxed & entertained.

Grab ’em on DVDs soon or wait for the airing in HBO.

Crazy for INK? You need the RINGMASTER.

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Watch a spectacle crawl under your skin.  From a bare piece of flesh to a masterpiece.

The Ringmaster is a “disillusionist”.  Your wild thoughts…he tames.  Feel the pain of the “whip” that whiiirrss and works its way through your epidermis and dermis.

Impossible is nonexistent.  “Challenging” is more like it.  That’s how he sees any or every piece he has ever done.   

Kapag itinuring natin na challenge yung trabaho, may “excitement”.  Foreshadowed na ang hirap.

Lauram Marual or DaddyRam as he is fondly called by friends and audience, has been in the ink industry professionally for more than 10 years already.  As early as 1996, he’s been working from home using a makeshift machine.  He finally got the most formal apprenticeship in 2003 through Eric Kabayo (Errr…I’ve met this guy and yes, they call him that.  Hahaha.) together with contemporaries, Tupeng and Totoy

DaddyRam with Tupeng the Pirate, Totoy, a kid and some friend.

Puerta Galera was a fine place for the ink business.  Everybody who visits would either want a henna or the real thing.   At the sands of  White Beach GaleraIsland Tattoo was born.

Conceived by two ink-crazies, the first shop is made of two hand-me-down sarongs tied to a coconut tree and a rock.

Kinikita ko sa dalawang araw Php800…T******** yan!  ‘Kala ko one time shot lang yung raket pero tinuloy na ni [Tupeng].

The trips to the Mindoro island became more frequent until it lasted for more than a week to months.  Life got better.  Eric and Totoy came aboard locking the roster of origial Island Tattoo pirates.

And life got even better for the Galera pirates.  More customers.  Better Island Tattoo.  Thicker portfolio.

Island Tattoo with the inkrew at the sands of White Beach, Puerto Galera.

Business remained good and the gold kept coming but the pirates had to explore the ocean so Island Tattoo moved to Boni, Mandaluyong City.  Opening a shop in the city proved to help a lot — professionally and artistically — aside from more treasure chests to discover and wider clientele to service.

This is where they developed their identity as tattoo artists.  They honed their artistic skills through endless tattooing sessions.  And because each artist has its own method and craft, one learns from the other and improves all the more.

DaddyRam inking at Island Tattoo (Boni)

Pero pinakaimportante yung “pirate attitude” na nabuo dun.  “Inyo na ang pera, amin naman ang eksena” wahahahaha!  Be it music, showbiz, art, mga bakla, mga tibo, mayaman, mahirap, lahat yan bumabalik.  

The eksena he refers to being the wide range of clientele the shop has gained due to the reputation of Island Tattoo having a competitive and flexible rate, accommodating and skillful roster of artists, and the “experience” of being inked at this place.

DaddyRam’s past works at the pirate’s cove
Good old days.  And the reality is good things come to an end…to pave way to a better opportunity.  In DaddyRam’s case, he saw an opportunity to open his own shop.  The “master” side of him took over.

Inevitable yun sa lahat ng resident artists ng tattoo shops.  Kelangan natin magsolo.   Hindi naman habang-buhay may percentage ang shop sa gawa mo di ba?   Mas kumukonti ang options pag may kids.  Eto na ang tamang direction.

The direction he chose to take was to be his own master and open Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite.  

The RingMaster entered the ink circus arena with the practicality of a businessman and passion of an artist, the perfect attitude for a long-term plan to prosper.

For the first three years, customers poured in.  Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite gained its own community in Facebook.  The FB fan page is updated regulary by the RingMaster himself.

Here are some inksanely gorgeous tattoos done at the Cavite shop:


And what do you know, the shop will turn three this November.  Three years of ink-sanely tattooing crazy boys and girls!!!  Cheers to more colorful years of inking.

So how crazy are you to get a tattoo?  The RingMaster is always ready to perform.  Visit the shop at Block 8, Lot 30, Siena Villas, Camella Bacoor, 4102, Bacoor, Cavite.  

If you haven’t decided on a design but you already have a visual peg, feel free to shoot an email to and pretty sure, you’ll get an insightful response.

Want an ink but worried about your budget?  Send an FB message to the RingMaster or better yet, “LIKE” the Psyko Studio Tattoos FB fanpage and engage in the community of tattoo-fanatics.

Well…if you’re waaaaay too effing lazy to do everything,  you’d need to give him a call or send him an SMS message instead, ’cause I’m sure your mobile phone’s never out of your touch.  Tssss…

Psyko over tattoo?  Get it done by the RingMaster at Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite.

UPDATE: Unlimited Crispy Pata Starts TOMORROW

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Yes, tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for!  Starting tomorrow, July 4 – it will “rain” at C2 Classic Cuisine Greenhills with the most wanted UNLIMITED CRISPY PATA!

Buy your slots now!

To get the exclusive P199* promo price for Unlimited Crispy Pata, you need to follow these easy steps:
1. Join C2 Classic Cuisine’s Online Community:  Facebook & Twitter

2. Go to C2 Classic Cuisine Greenhills, reserve and pay in advance. Don’t forget to advise your reservation date and time.

3.  Be sure to verify your early reservation by sending an FB a message.
Note from C2:  We will not confirm your reservation without the FB message. This is to assure that you are a C2 Classic Cuisine FB fan.

Easy right?  You still have today to do it!  Well, I know it’s raining and traffic is terrible right now.  I won’t event attempt to go to Greenhills from Ayala today.  Haaaay.
It’s not the end of it though.  July 5 onwards, you may still enjoy the unlimited goodness of the Php199* C2  Crispy Pata just as long as you go through steps 1-3.  Should you fail to do so, don’t you worry…Walk-in price is at Php299.

Be mindful of the promo time slots though:

Sunday to Thursday – 12:00 – 3:00 PM and 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Friday to Saturday – 12:00 – 3:00 PM and 5:00 – 9:00 PM

And of course, your usual all-you-can-eat SOPs:

1. For dine-in only; not valid in conjunction with other promo or discount
2. Strictly no sharing
3. No leftovers; Double pay for leftovers
4. Unlimited Portions of Crispy Pata.
5. Replenishment can only be requested upon absence of leftover
6. Valid at C2 Greenhills only.

Fair enough.  Now…where are these people who invited me for a crispy sesh?  Yoohoo…we need to experience this okaaaay???

The Love Yourself Hub ~ A Shelter, A Home, A School

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The Love Yourself Project, an ongoing advocacy group which aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS is set to open ‘The Love Yourself  Hub’on July 8, 2012 (Sunday), at 1850 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila (at the back of PWU).

Architectural Perspective of Love Yourself Hub in 2020

 The Love Yourself Hub will serve as a “resource center” for the community especially the youth and LGBT-MSM in response to sexually transmitted infections (STI and HIV) and other sexuality-related concerns.  It aims to fulfill the following:

  • increase the levels of awareness and knowledge
  • counseling and education
  • wellness
  • prevention
  • cure and rehabilitation

One of the main key programs is to conduct HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) with the able support of the Research Institute for Topical Medicine (RITM).

Other programs include the following:

  • Establish ‘EQUALITY’ without regard to HIV status, religion, sex, gender preference and culture;
  • Provide skills training to other advocate volunteers on HIV counseling
  • Educate, promote and manage HIV health through partnerships with other advocate groups
  • Empower professionals and other advocate volunteers to administer timely, appropriate therapeutic counseling and safe quality care
  • Align with the Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC), World Health Organization (WHO) and partners to maximize resources

The Love Yourself Hub shall embrace the ideals of its parent organization – the Love Yourself Project by reaching out to the community it serves by propagating ideas and practices that encourage loving one’s self — to DARE to be oneself, to CARE for oneself, and to SHARE oneself as a way to multiplying joy.

In its one year existence, the organization exponentially grew through social networking.


With the able support of a core group of concerned and socially aware youth & LGBT-MSM professionals and supporters with diverse ideas and preferences, the membership has now grown to almost 100 educators and counselors, and over 500 volunteers nationwide from all sectors of society.

The opening of the Love Yourself Hub is just a start of a month-long anniversary special of The Love Yourself Project.  Be in the loop by visiting the official site of the organization, LIKE the Facebook fan page or FOLLOW the Twitter account of the organization.

How Do I Love Thee?

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Let me capture the ways.

The “How Do I Love Thee” exhibit will open on July 8, 2012 — 6 P.M. at The Love Yourself Hub located at 1850 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila (at the back of PWU).

Witness different photos focused on the male, mostly shot in black and white, photographed by Ian Felix Alquiros.

It took him 10 years in a call center industry before he shifted to photography.  He decided to learn photography “to spend leisure time creatively”.

Ian studied photography at the Federation of Philippine Photographer’s Foundation (FPPF) and took up Studio Lighting Classes at Alcove Perspective at the Filipinas Heritage Library.

“I am a great believer of constant learning, from the very basic and to the most advanced skills in photography. From there, I continually create my own style that would reflect my brand of work,” 

Just recently, he took a shot at Video Production classes at the UP Film Institute — a prelude to a possible future project in video and filmmaking.  Among his inspirations in his still images are filmmakers, Lino Brocka and Wong Kar Wai.

“They are able to capture stories and drama through their moving images, I attempt to do the same with my photographs. Each attempt, for me, is a wonderful educational experience.”

Who would have thought that this “hobby” would eventually become a real profession for Ian?

Since his foray into the professional world of photography in 2007, Ian’s work has been labeled “ clean, sharp, sexy, cool, vivid, minimalist”.  And in May 10, 2010 — Ian put up theROOM Photography and Event Studio in Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

“How Do I Love Thee” will be open to the public from July 9 to August 5, Monday – Sunday. Exhibit hours will be at  1 PM to 6 PM.

For further details and information, visit or

LOVE YOURSELF: a most NEEDED project for ALL

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Love Yourself Inc.  is a non-stock, non-profit SEC organization, for the Youth, LGBT-MSM.  The organization aims to bring to the community the message of multiplying joy which is loving one’s self.    How do we love ourselves even more?

DARE to be oneself.

DARE to dive deep into the self and enhance self-awareness.

CARE for oneself.

CARE, actively pursue tending to one’s needs and wants

SHARE oneself.

“Shared joy is double joy;shared sorrow is half a sorrow.”

The Love Yourself Project is the ongoing pioneer project of  Loveyourself Inc.

It aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth and key affected population through awareness, counseling and education.

With its mission to be the resource center of the youth and an ultimate vision of a HIV/STI-free Philippines, the project set short-term and long-term goals for the community it serves.  Setting these goals in motion are members of the “community” itself, specializing in health care, education, media and digital marketing among others.

The project is the brainchild of Twitter Shorty Awards Nurse of the Year Awardee Ronivin G. Pagtakhan (CEO/President),  joined by friends, Jeoffrey Solas (Secretary), and Neil Bryant S. Calizo (Treasurer), and very well supported by the Directors, Consultants, and The League of Lovers.

Over a period of one year, The Love Yourself Project exponentially grew through social networking. With the able support of a core group of concerned and socially aware youth & LGBT-MSM professionals and supporters with diverse ideas and preferences, the membership has now grown to almost 100 educators and counselors, and over 500 volunteers nationwide from all sectors of society.

If you believe in the project’s goals, mission and vision and you want to help, be a volunteer!

Celebrating its first anniversary, The Love Yourself Project multiplies the joy through a series of events starting this July 8 to August 5, 2012.

Here are the line-up of the activities you would, perhaps, NEED or WANT to attend to:

July 8 – (Sunday, 6 PM)

Formal opening of the Love Yourself Hub with “ How Do I Love Thee,” a fund-raising photo-exhibit by Ian Felix Alquiros featuring photographs of male torsos in black and white.

July 15 —  (Sunday, 6 PM)

Film Showing: “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa”, winner of Best Picture, 35th Gawad Urian, starring Rocco Nacino and Paolo Avelino (Best Actor, 35th Gawad Urian); and a short film “Nessun Dorma”, by Ron Genato and Jedd Rommel.
July 21 – (Saturday, 9 PM)

“Circle of Love” – the Love Yourself Anniversary party, to be held at BED Manila. Special guest performers include: La Chiquitta – Hongkong’s top drag performer; Hotlegs; Soprano Beverly Salviejo; and Drag-ons.

July 29 – (Sunday, 6 PM)
Wellness Demonstration conducted by Bay Leaf Spa on “Massage for Pleasure”.

Aug 5 – (Sunday, 6 PM)
Forum: “Top Ten Tips: Succeeding in the Corporate World for People Like Us”  conducted by Mr. Corporate Closet.

Save these dates.  Dare. Care. Share.

For further details and information, visit or follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @LoveYourself_VA.

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