Need VS Want #2



Once in a while, we all need this!  It’s good to drink to good times once in a while. Admit it, you just got to give in! …’cause I do.  Drinks I always go for?



Come on!  Would you really need ’em?  A shot or two, maybe…but to practically hang out by the bar because you find alcohol thirst quenching?  No way, brother.  Control yourself.  Well, I say you’re excused if it’s your birthday….’cause you have to party like…it’s your birthday!  Hmmm, reminds me of how wasted I was during my last birthday celebration…geeeez.

But hey, don’t get me wrong.  Go drink…have fun!  Just don’t make it a daily habit. If you wanna end up with celebrities like Amy Whinehouse or Jim Morrisson, make alcohol your best friend.  Make sure you get a shot on being a “celebrity” before your liver brings you down.



~ by ironessa on May 28, 2012.

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