JACK and the Beanstalk: the NEED for happy endings

When was the last time you heard the words “magic” and “happily ever after”?  Furthermore, when was the last experience that made you believe in fairy tales?


Lucky for me, I just watched Jack and the Beanstalk last March 20.  Made me relive the magical moments of believing and doing good deeds and that for every challenge, there always will be a happy ending to look forward to.

What’s more interesting is that Jack and the Beanstalk is a product of The Camp Art Summer 2012 Musical Theater Workshop.Image

This department, organized by the Kids Acts Philippines, Inc. (KAPI), handles workshops and activities for children.  The workshop integrates and incorporates the children’s abilities — singing, dancing and acting — through intensive training and performing arts application.

Imagine your kid onstage in full costume together with other kids — the works!  Stage design, lights and sounds, live singing and acting.  What a shining moment for every parent!

Remember the story of Jack?  Poor young Jack who’s only friend, a cow, he needed to sell to get money for food.  Let me take you through the magical journey of a young boy who followed his instincts through magic to bring good fortune back to his mother.


One day, Mother found out that Milky can no longer provide them with milk.  Mother asks Jack to go to the market to sell Milky so they have money to buy their needs.


Nobody wanted to buy Milky but many offered to barter.  Jack then came across a man…who looks familiar but he’s not quite sure where and when they met.


Jack, tired of talking to so many without convincing any of them, found the man’s offer so enticing.  In exchange of Milky, the man will give Jack a bag of “magic beans”.  A bag of “magic beans” that he needs to plant and water then overnight, it will grow and grow until it reaches the heavens where Jack can claim a “fortune” that goes with them

As excited as a little boy could be, Jack went home and shared his crazy decision to his mother.  Mother went berserk but Jack couldn’t be shaken out of his belief so in the middle of the night, he planted the beans…

What do you know?  A  giant beanstalk, racing after the sun greeted Jack and his mother a great morning.


Against his mother’s will, Jack went to climb the beanstalk. He strong believes that he’ll find his fortune up there.  A fortune that’s destined to be his.

It wasn’t easy because the world up the beanstalk was ruled by a greedy giant.


Every creature was afraid for dear Jack but the little brave hero proved to be more than size and so he passed every task asked by the giant until the giant grew fond of him.


So fond that the giant wouldn’t let him go back home.  The giant wanted Jack to stay with him and serve him.  Jack refused which led him to prison.  But with a little work of magic…he escaped and run he went with his prized possessions, the golden harp and golden egg-laying goose.  Down the beanstalk he quickly slid…and as he set foot on land, he cut the beanstalk.

The giant’s scream of defeat echoed until the connecting beanstalk died on land with a “thud”.


And they’re supposed to live happily ever after right?

But in this version of Jack and the Beanstalk, the magician turned out to be the long-lost father of Jack.  It wasn’t until Jack went home and introduced the man to his mother that everything unfolded.  A good way to close the story with “and they lived happily ever after” ’cause more than the fortune, family comes first.


The kids were amazing.  You could see how their eyes shone with delight as they performed.  I love theater and watching these kids ranging from 6-12 years of age performing confidently excited me.  Reminded me of the days that I teach children’s theater.  There are really lots of avenues to enhance our skills.  They are just around…we just need to find them.

The Camp Art boasts its effective methods in honing skills, boost confidence and explore creativity.

“Let your kids learn the rudiments of theater and watch them perform on professional stage this summer.”  

True to their words, the children did a great job and probably exceeded the expectations of their mentors and parents.  Congratulations to KAPI for a summer workshop well done!

Catch The Camp Art Summer Workshops next year.  It’s something you’d want to look into for your kids to participate in.

Visit the Kids Acts Philippines office or contact them on the details below:

Unit 260, 2F Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium
6264 Estacion St., Brgy. Pio Del Pilar
Makati City
(Behind Waltermart Makati, infront of PNR Train Station)

Phone:  (02) 750.1551
Mobile:  0915.447.8959 / 0919.433.8565
Email:  kidsactsphilippines@yahoo.com.ph

Website:  www.kidsacts.com
FB:  www.facebook.com/thecampartstudio

Life needs a little drama, singing and dancing.  If your kids display a potential, it’s a good chance to expose them to the real world.  Everyone wants a happy ending so let your kids experience the magical world of theater offered only by the experts in children’s theater, Kids Acts Philippines.

Expect more from KAPI on their 10th year as they showcase more theater productions this year.  Visit their website  for more updates.


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