Need VS Want #3



They say that every woman should have that fabulous, wear-with-whatever kind of shoes.  It’s a MUST-HAVE so it’s just right to splurge on a one-time purchase.  Around Php1,500 – Php2,500 would be reasonable enough for me.  I’d rather spend on something expensive but could be worn for years rather buy a couple of pairs for as few hundreds each but quality is not guaranteed.  My favorite shoe shops include CMG and Brands Mart (in Robinsons Starmills Pampanga).  Never regretted buying footwear from them.  Careful though…it can be contagious that’s why we go to the next photo below…



Of course, women would always have an excuse to buy another extra pair of shoes because —

a.  Need it for a party
b.  Got a new dress and no footwear matches with it
c.  …Just because

Yeah…that’s a nice rack of shoes from SM Department store.  ON SALE!  Prices range from Php1,750 – Php2,999.  Just about my budget.  I had to fit a few pairs and observe myself in front of the mirror.  I marvel at how each style fit perfectly and damn…it looks good on me.


But on a second thought…I just bought a new one a few weeks ago.  Reality check.

There goes the realization — I got about five different colors of shoes.  Guess they’re enough huh?  Yup.  A box more would be too much. Too much.  So…let’s move on, shall we?


~ by ironessa on May 30, 2012.

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