iBlog8: Who WANTS to Succeed in Blogging? – I Do.

  This event made me feel the anticipation I haven’t felt in years, since the night before the first day of class back in college.  Who doesn’t feel this when it’s the first time?  This summit on its 8th year and it’s the first time I’m attending.  How come I never heard of this before? WTH.

I have quite high expectations.  Not a fair judgment for a first timer.  My objective — I WANT TO LEARN.  So I had to tell my boss I’d have to skip office work for this. I got the answer that I needed — “Okay.  Have fun.”   Great!

Speaking of firsts, the first speaker set the bar way too high.  Three things why I say so?

1.  Years of experience in the industry
2.   Tangible proof of expertise – i.e.  UNBOX & TNM
3.  Presentation – content and way of sending it across

Why wouldn’t he nail it if he is MR. CARLO OPLE.   He’s exactly the right speaker to light the bulb out of my brilliant mind.  Hahaha.

Follow him on Twitter.

How do you transform your blog into something profitable?  Now, that caught 101% of my attention.   I wasn’t thinking at all that it hasn’t been 24 hours since I created my blog.  Ooops!

Advertisers are the key to the door of business.  But then we have Google, FB ads and NuffNang who are experts in this area.  The challenge is — how do you compete with these big names and have the advertisers place ads directly to you?  This would be quite subjective of course but bloggers may work on the elements they can control.  Always…and everything falls into place.

Three things I want to focus on to “succeed” base on my understanding of the lecture as follows:

1. CONTENT – It’s hard to find a “niche”.  I’ve been trying to figure that out for years and up to the last minute, I still couldn’t decide on where to go.  But illustration below made me realize I made the right decision.

Having a good blog is not all about having an attractive layout or numerous followers but how you write your entries based on your objective(s).

2.  ATTITUDE – This is holistic and it defines what kind of a person you are.

Personal — Blogging is one of the activities I know that’s fueled by “passion”.   A writing piece can easily be identified by a random reader if the “heart” was put to it.

Professional — Do what you say and say what you do.  Honor the commitments that you make.  Easy to achieve when you have discipline.  If you have work ethics, your respect everyone — your clients, your co-bloggers and your readers.

Relational —  The industry is partly about who you know and connected to.  Value relationships even in its simplest form — attend an event when you’re invited, even to the point of not getting paid to cover a story.
3.  COMPETENCY and CREDIBILITY – Know your blog.  Know your skills.  Know how to sell yourself and “what” would sell to advertisers.  Know what your clients need and how to address them in your field of expertise

An “extensive” package would definitely be a major attraction.  Examples sited by the speaker include pre-event to post-event releases and good ad spots on the page.

Ooooh…I can’t wait to create mine.  In a few months maybe.

Carlo Ople shared his first blog entry.  No shares, no comments.  But it has a GOAL.

And look where this bold statement led him.  He is now the CARLO OPLE  standing in front of hundreds of aspiring bloggers and being read by millions all over the net.  Wow.  That’s inspiring.

I’m pretty sure many bloggers were enlightened and empowered as I were.  Imagine, that’s only 10 am, but I felt as if I knew a lot already and ready to rule the worldwideweb.  I’ll keep up.  Wait and see…  I NEED TO.


~ by ironessa on June 1, 2012.

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