Need VS Want #4


Yes, I need it big.
I need a big bag because I bring lots of necessities with me.  What’s inside my usual big bag(s)?  My bulky laptop and its charger, notebook, iPod, cellphones, kikay kit, and a pack of tissue.  I can’t leave the house without these, except of course if I’m not off for work, I can go without my lappy.  Thanks to my BB I can post through emails.  If you’ll ask me, yes, I need a big and I seem to be a fan of it as well.  I don’t like carrying too many things at a time because I end up losing one out of many.  Huh, one reason why I hate carrying umbrellas.  

Those are just half of the bags I have at home.  I want lots of bags in different colors, sizes, style and material.  But the thing is, I have a big problem with storage!!!  OMG!  Some of the bags end up getting dirty and destroyed because they’re not properly stored.  Worse, they end up in bad shape for being “unused”.  Geeeeez.  It’s hard to not want a new bag especially if I’m also a fan of shoes and there’s this “need” to match the shoes with the bags, vice versa.
A BAG OF ADVICE:  Just buy the bags that you need for specific purposes like travel, office, ordinary day and social occasions.  Make sure that these pieces can easily be matched.  I personally prefer black, brown and pink.   It’s because majority of my shoes are in shades of brown and pink is my favorite color (so I try hard to match it with anything…sorry to be offensive to the fashion police).  Black is a given.  Anybody should have something in black ’cause it’s a major savior — cocktail dress, shoes, and BAG.


~ by ironessa on June 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Need VS Want #4”

  1. when i come and see what you’ve posted i notice that they are always so good.

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