Etiquette: It’s Any Writer’s NEED

Another “way too late” post from the   summit.

Well, better late than never.  I just feel the need to share these with all of you.

I’ve been reading blogs since I can remember.  What good does it do to blog and not read other’s, right?  I never thought that this platform would eventually gain its power and create its own sphere of influence in the society.  What they taught in school was “The pen is mightier than the sword” but today, it’s the gadgets that anybody uses to load content to the internet.

Amazing.  I never saw this coming.  See?  That’s one reason why I didn’t take blogging seriously, although I claim to really like doing it for such a long time.

Now that bloggers are great influencers, most of them acknowledge that fact.  They live through it and keep the role.  For some reason, power really corrupts the mind.  Some would allow this privilege to get into their heads.  The birth of cyber-bullying, abuse and what have you…

As a journalist, I judge my writing based on what I learned and what school of writing I’ve embraced since then.  Whenever I read blog entries, it’s easy for me to judge the grammar, content, etc.  It’s because I’m kind of technical about it.  But then I’ve learned that blogging and journalistic writing are different altogether.

The most striking reality is that — Journalism have rules.  Blogging?  None.  But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want something to abide by, huh?

Thanks, Ms. Gellie Anne Abogado, for your iBlog8 talk.  Wish all cyber-bullies and cyber-abusers would think on searching or buying etiquette online, now that they came across its existence.
as discussed by Gellie Abogado

She doesn’t claim ownership of all these.  Research and experience eventually made her realize these.  She mentioned CyberJournalist is a good read.  Let’s see.

1.  Research before posting.
2.  Never ever plagiarize.
3.  Respect fellow bloggers, blog readers, companies, PR agencies or any individual who wish to connect with your blog.
4.  When you attend an event as a blogger, you should blog about it.
5.  You owe it to the readers and brands to write about your honest thoughts on products, issues and topics you’re assigned to blog about.

As you read through the six (6) items, a self-check could be ongoing.  Doesn’t matter if you’re guilty of one or two offenses.  What matters is you motivated yourself that you’d want to have an etiquette.  What a wonderful blogosphere we’re writing in if all would embrace a little bit of E! 

FYI – “etiquette” can’t be bought at any OLS or leading department stores.  It is for free just as long as you embrace the fact that it exists.


~ by ironessa on June 14, 2012.

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