COLORI-t Bianco and Nero

United Colors of Benetton is a brand known for its “color” campaigns – be it executed visually or in character. It’s very rare that Benetton displays a black or white color on the store windows.

That is why I am very excited when I heard that Benetton has released two more new scents to join the COLORI line. But wait, the Colori line already released four scents inspired by the colorful world of Benetton.

First, there was red, yellow, green and blue.

Rosso and Giallo for women. Verde and Blu for men.

So what’s it gonna be this time?  Would you believe if I tell you that the newest fragrances are white and black?  Whether you believe it or not, you need to read on.
Black and white, white and black, are  opposites but clearly complementary.  While black is the absence of color in the spectrum, white is a blend of every in the spectrum.  Truly opposites but share the very same characteristics of being timeless, stylish, simple, modern and universal.  These characteristics can only be found in one fragrance brand, Benetton. 




Woman: sparkling and feminine

Just as white blends all the colors in the spectrum into pure perfection, so Benetton Bianco Woman fuses fruity and floral fragrance essences into a seductively sparkling composition. In the top note, luscious lychee pulp is complemented by bamboo sap and white mulberry, evolving into a feminine heart of white rose, grape flower and dewy jasmine. The dry-down is soft and sweet, infused with notes of cocooning cotton musk, vanilla and white patchouli.



Man: vibrant and virile

Cool and clean, fresh and forthright, Benetton Nero Man is a citrus woody scent that debuts with sparkling notes of blood tangerine, peppermint and grapefruit zest. The coolness lingers through a spicy heart of mace, juniper berries and lemon tree wood, lending depth to the fragrance, then evolves towards a darkly vibrant dry-down of Indonesian patchouli, ebony wood and black musks.

Now you believe me huh? Bianco and Nero are already available in all leading department stores and FRESH Fragrance Bar stores nationwide.  Last weekend I checked SM Makati department store, it’s sold out!  No kidding.   How couldn’t you resist buying it out of its shelf when it’s soooooo affordable?

Price range:  Eau de Toilette 100ml – PHP 1,350.00  | 30ml – PHP 850.00

Yes, my friend, you need to have it.  I’m saying this ’cause I got one already.  I won the Twitter contest during the bloggers event.  So today…I COLORI-t BIANCO.

I’m wearing Bianco of United Colors of Benetton.

Explore the fragrances inspired by the colorful world of Benetton.  United Colors of Benetton Colori line just grew bigger as Rosso, Giallo, Verde and Blu are joined by Bianco and Nero.

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~ by ironessa on June 20, 2012.

3 Responses to “COLORI-t Bianco and Nero”

  1. What are the scent notes for Verde and Blu?

  2. I find na yung pagka citrusy nung Nero, mediyo matapang. Also, United Colors of Benetton don’t carry their own scents. weird. hehe.

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