LOVE YOURSELF: a most NEEDED project for ALL

Love Yourself Inc.  is a non-stock, non-profit SEC organization, for the Youth, LGBT-MSM.  The organization aims to bring to the community the message of multiplying joy which is loving one’s self.    How do we love ourselves even more?

DARE to be oneself.

DARE to dive deep into the self and enhance self-awareness.

CARE for oneself.

CARE, actively pursue tending to one’s needs and wants

SHARE oneself.

“Shared joy is double joy;shared sorrow is half a sorrow.”

The Love Yourself Project is the ongoing pioneer project of  Loveyourself Inc.

It aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth and key affected population through awareness, counseling and education.

With its mission to be the resource center of the youth and an ultimate vision of a HIV/STI-free Philippines, the project set short-term and long-term goals for the community it serves.  Setting these goals in motion are members of the “community” itself, specializing in health care, education, media and digital marketing among others.

The project is the brainchild of Twitter Shorty Awards Nurse of the Year Awardee Ronivin G. Pagtakhan (CEO/President),  joined by friends, Jeoffrey Solas (Secretary), and Neil Bryant S. Calizo (Treasurer), and very well supported by the Directors, Consultants, and The League of Lovers.

Over a period of one year, The Love Yourself Project exponentially grew through social networking. With the able support of a core group of concerned and socially aware youth & LGBT-MSM professionals and supporters with diverse ideas and preferences, the membership has now grown to almost 100 educators and counselors, and over 500 volunteers nationwide from all sectors of society.

If you believe in the project’s goals, mission and vision and you want to help, be a volunteer!

Celebrating its first anniversary, The Love Yourself Project multiplies the joy through a series of events starting this July 8 to August 5, 2012.

Here are the line-up of the activities you would, perhaps, NEED or WANT to attend to:

July 8 – (Sunday, 6 PM)

Formal opening of the Love Yourself Hub with “ How Do I Love Thee,” a fund-raising photo-exhibit by Ian Felix Alquiros featuring photographs of male torsos in black and white.

July 15 —  (Sunday, 6 PM)

Film Showing: “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa”, winner of Best Picture, 35th Gawad Urian, starring Rocco Nacino and Paolo Avelino (Best Actor, 35th Gawad Urian); and a short film “Nessun Dorma”, by Ron Genato and Jedd Rommel.
July 21 – (Saturday, 9 PM)

“Circle of Love” – the Love Yourself Anniversary party, to be held at BED Manila. Special guest performers include: La Chiquitta – Hongkong’s top drag performer; Hotlegs; Soprano Beverly Salviejo; and Drag-ons.

July 29 – (Sunday, 6 PM)
Wellness Demonstration conducted by Bay Leaf Spa on “Massage for Pleasure”.

Aug 5 – (Sunday, 6 PM)
Forum: “Top Ten Tips: Succeeding in the Corporate World for People Like Us”  conducted by Mr. Corporate Closet.

Save these dates.  Dare. Care. Share.

For further details and information, visit or follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @LoveYourself_VA.


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