Crazy for INK? You need the RINGMASTER.

Watch a spectacle crawl under your skin.  From a bare piece of flesh to a masterpiece.

The Ringmaster is a “disillusionist”.  Your wild thoughts…he tames.  Feel the pain of the “whip” that whiiirrss and works its way through your epidermis and dermis.

Impossible is nonexistent.  “Challenging” is more like it.  That’s how he sees any or every piece he has ever done.   

Kapag itinuring natin na challenge yung trabaho, may “excitement”.  Foreshadowed na ang hirap.

Lauram Marual or DaddyRam as he is fondly called by friends and audience, has been in the ink industry professionally for more than 10 years already.  As early as 1996, he’s been working from home using a makeshift machine.  He finally got the most formal apprenticeship in 2003 through Eric Kabayo (Errr…I’ve met this guy and yes, they call him that.  Hahaha.) together with contemporaries, Tupeng and Totoy

DaddyRam with Tupeng the Pirate, Totoy, a kid and some friend.

Puerta Galera was a fine place for the ink business.  Everybody who visits would either want a henna or the real thing.   At the sands of  White Beach GaleraIsland Tattoo was born.

Conceived by two ink-crazies, the first shop is made of two hand-me-down sarongs tied to a coconut tree and a rock.

Kinikita ko sa dalawang araw Php800…T******** yan!  ‘Kala ko one time shot lang yung raket pero tinuloy na ni [Tupeng].

The trips to the Mindoro island became more frequent until it lasted for more than a week to months.  Life got better.  Eric and Totoy came aboard locking the roster of origial Island Tattoo pirates.

And life got even better for the Galera pirates.  More customers.  Better Island Tattoo.  Thicker portfolio.

Island Tattoo with the inkrew at the sands of White Beach, Puerto Galera.

Business remained good and the gold kept coming but the pirates had to explore the ocean so Island Tattoo moved to Boni, Mandaluyong City.  Opening a shop in the city proved to help a lot — professionally and artistically — aside from more treasure chests to discover and wider clientele to service.

This is where they developed their identity as tattoo artists.  They honed their artistic skills through endless tattooing sessions.  And because each artist has its own method and craft, one learns from the other and improves all the more.

DaddyRam inking at Island Tattoo (Boni)

Pero pinakaimportante yung “pirate attitude” na nabuo dun.  “Inyo na ang pera, amin naman ang eksena” wahahahaha!  Be it music, showbiz, art, mga bakla, mga tibo, mayaman, mahirap, lahat yan bumabalik.  

The eksena he refers to being the wide range of clientele the shop has gained due to the reputation of Island Tattoo having a competitive and flexible rate, accommodating and skillful roster of artists, and the “experience” of being inked at this place.

DaddyRam’s past works at the pirate’s cove
Good old days.  And the reality is good things come to an end…to pave way to a better opportunity.  In DaddyRam’s case, he saw an opportunity to open his own shop.  The “master” side of him took over.

Inevitable yun sa lahat ng resident artists ng tattoo shops.  Kelangan natin magsolo.   Hindi naman habang-buhay may percentage ang shop sa gawa mo di ba?   Mas kumukonti ang options pag may kids.  Eto na ang tamang direction.

The direction he chose to take was to be his own master and open Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite.  

The RingMaster entered the ink circus arena with the practicality of a businessman and passion of an artist, the perfect attitude for a long-term plan to prosper.

For the first three years, customers poured in.  Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite gained its own community in Facebook.  The FB fan page is updated regulary by the RingMaster himself.

Here are some inksanely gorgeous tattoos done at the Cavite shop:


And what do you know, the shop will turn three this November.  Three years of ink-sanely tattooing crazy boys and girls!!!  Cheers to more colorful years of inking.

So how crazy are you to get a tattoo?  The RingMaster is always ready to perform.  Visit the shop at Block 8, Lot 30, Siena Villas, Camella Bacoor, 4102, Bacoor, Cavite.  

If you haven’t decided on a design but you already have a visual peg, feel free to shoot an email to and pretty sure, you’ll get an insightful response.

Want an ink but worried about your budget?  Send an FB message to the RingMaster or better yet, “LIKE” the Psyko Studio Tattoos FB fanpage and engage in the community of tattoo-fanatics.

Well…if you’re waaaaay too effing lazy to do everything,  you’d need to give him a call or send him an SMS message instead, ’cause I’m sure your mobile phone’s never out of your touch.  Tssss…

Psyko over tattoo?  Get it done by the RingMaster at Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite.


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  2. This writing has inspired me to continue focusing on my own blog

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