Movie vs Film: Top 3 Movies You NEED To Watch

I’m a movie junkie.  Yep!  Certified!  If there are things I can’t live without doing, it’s going to the movies, watching DVDs, reading movie reviews or posting famous lines from movies.  So it’s all about the “reel” thing!

Well, I am also a film fanatic.  Hep, hep, hep…yes, there’s a slight difference between movie and film.  I guess this will forever be a debate among those in the industry.

Simply put — Movies are “commercial” and have more popular appeal.  A good example would be the box office, Titanic starred in by Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.  Films is a “posher” word as in foreign language films.  

Honestly, I haven’t been in the movies for a while.  Yeah, been busy.  Been I got to see three really great movies which would definitely make you feel like a loser  if you missed even one of ’em.


DARK SHADOWS by Tim Burton.


MIB3 by Barry Sonnenfeld.



Each have their own identity — story and execution.  I’ve achieved what I needed to feel after watching each — relaxed & entertained.

Grab ’em on DVDs soon or wait for the airing in HBO.


~ by ironessa on July 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Movie vs Film: Top 3 Movies You NEED To Watch”

  1. I hated Snow White and the Huntsman… the director is a hack, copying every movie from the time the orginal Snow White came out seven decades ago. Someone should tell the director that there is a difference between a filmmaker and a film buff.

    • Hahaha…strong emotions! Well, I didn’t really “critique” these films ’cause I just wanna be entertained. Guess I didn’t expect much that’s why it’s all good. Wait till I post our favorite topic — FILMS!!! 🙂

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