Everybody WANTS a CRISPY Treat

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…Epecially if it’s CRISPY PATA!

I was tagged by a best friend on this photo.  I had to take a deep breath and close my eyes at the luscious sight.  Wow!  I miss crispy pata!  I got back to my senses shortly and gave my comment.

When will this happen? Darn, no date yet.  Where will this be offered?  C2 Classic Cuisine Greenhills…just in Greenhills?  Haven’t confirmed yet but I’d love to go there for some other reasons too.

So there…it’s a date!  C2, we have SAVED the not-yet-announced date!  That’s how excited we are for this treat.  It’s not just a treat — it’s UNLIMITED!!!

Well, while waiting for the soon-to-come unlimited crispy pata, visit the nearest C2 Classic Cuisine outlet and experience good food that’s great for sharing. 

C2 Classic Cuisine is the best restaurant if you are a fan of lutong bahay.  It offers the best redefined Filipino classics.

C2 is a casual dining venue that celebrate ingenuity and innovation of Filipino favorites. Cited as one of Asia’s Best Restaurants last 2010 by Miele Guide, C2 is an ideal family dining place forFilipinos and for foreigners who want a true taste of our culture.

Operated by the prestigious Cravings Group and an affiliate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA, Manila), expect the finest, casual dining experience at your favorite shopping malls or outlet stores in the metro.

Get in touch or visit or one of the stores:

C2 at Cravings Center Katipunan: 426.6681 to 87
C2 Shangri-La: 636.1510
C2 Megamall: 470.1149
C2 Midtown: 567.2402
C2 Greenhills: 723.2347
C2 Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

Craving for C2 Classic Cuisine but can’t go out? You’ve read my mind! Yes, C2 delivers.  Adobo rice, Crispy Kare-kare and Laing at your doorstep in time for lunch! OMG!

If you need a C2 Classic Cuisine touch on your celebrations, then what luck.  C2 also brings together a team that would bring to your special events and functions the Sama Sama or sharing experience.


Mouthwatering!  I ended up checking the photos of C2’s FB fan page and started following them on Twitter! You guys better do the same if you’re hungry for more.


The Newest in Boracay ~ THE DISTRICT

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Not in any way known as District 13 of the movie Hunger Games but you bet this “district” is in the island of Boracay.  The Boracay we all know in Aklan.

The District Boracay has finally opened!


The newest luxury boutique resort along Boracay’s world-famous white sand beach welcomes its guests to a quiet and affordable luxury amidst the vibrant and very busy Station 2, with a promise of ultimate comfort and personalized service.


The resort’s signature white facade spells simple elegance while its lobby is tastefully lit by sophistication during the day with the natural streaming sunlight replaced by dramatic chandeliers at night.

Modern and minimal in its line and form.  Convenient and accessible in its offerings.


More than your usual resort, The District Boracay is a sanctuary for fine holidays, your ultimate gateway to a contemporary, barefoot luxury experience.

This is definitely not any of the “districts” in the movie, huh?   With its 48 well-appointed, air-conditioned rooms and suites, equipped with all the amenities one would require for like flat screen TV/s, telephone, hot and cold water, etc. and most importantly — free WiFi.  While rooms have direct access to the pool, others may enjoy the relaxing view of the pool, resort or the spectacle of the sunset.

Here’s a quick tour of the boutique hotel rooms where indulging and frolicking will never be considered sinful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To complete a Bora-holiday-experience, The District Boracay brought the famous Caruso Ristorante Italiano and Caffe Caruso right on the spot.  Enjoy a flavorful wood-fired pizza or a variety of authentic Italian cuisines washed down by the resort’s extensive collection of wine.  What perfect dining experience.

Be it coffee in the morning by the pool, pasta for lunch at the veranda or red wine at night at the Sky View Lounge,   Caruso Ristorante Italiano and Caffe Caruso surely titillate our palates.


A 5-ft deep, 15-meter long lap pool with spa lounge and sun loungers, which displays a spectacular light show at night, greets you by the entrance of the resort. The swimming pool is open daily, 7am-10pm only.


Beyond the comforts of the room, exclusivity extends towards the resort’s Sky View Lounge which offers a fantastic view of the Boracay sunset, the crystal clear blue waters, and the famous stretch of white sand beach.

I just realized that I haven’t been to Boracay for almost two years now.  The last was September 2010.  This can’t be.  I need to pay homage this year and I want the place to be…most def…The District Boracay.  Hopefully, they’d come up with a promo soon.  4D/3N would do and I’m gonna go during the off-peak season.  Oh God, who’s excited now???

Before I wrap this up, The District Boracay  is located along Boracay Island’s Station 2, about 120 meters from D’Mall (towards the direction of Station 1), 100 meters from Starbucks, and about 5 kilometers from Caticlan Jetty Port.

From Manila to Caticlan – Fly AirPhil Express, Cebu Pacific, Seair, or Zest Air (approximately 60 minutes) to Caticlan
Airport then go to Caticlan Jetty Port (approximately 10 minutes) to catch a boat ride to Cagban Jetty Port in

From Manila to Kalibo – Fly Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, or ZestAir (approximately 60 minutes) then take an air-
conditioned bus going to Caticlan Jetty Port (approximately 60-90 minutes) to catch a boat ride to Cagban Jetty
Port in Boracay

Or the easiest way is to tag along a friend who knows the island quite well.  Ahem, ahem!  Ooops, yeah, I’m kinda familiar with the island.  Well, what are we waiting for?   Let’s ambush some friends over at this address so they can give us the best possible deal!

Manila Sales and Reservations Office:
Unit 2208 Orient Square Building, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel: (63 2) 7061648 local 109 | Email: reservations@thedistrictboracay.com

Better yet, follow The District Boracay on Twitter or Like the FB fan page.

Ang Bagong Harana: A Musical Journey To The Very Start

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A few days ago, I read a friend’s tweet:

What would life be without music?  We would all be deaf.

Yes, we probably would.  Filipinos, by nature and by blood, are music lovers.  We relate so much to the songs we sing and the lyrics we hear.  Our emotions are easily expressed through music. I am pretty sure that even if you have a voice that won’t pass a barangay level singing contest, you don’t just handover the mic when you’re with friends at a KTV bar.

Fine.  Enough pointing fingers.  Yes, I am like that. *chuckles*

What I’m trying to say here is…music is a Filipino way of life.  Let’s trace it back to history where our ancestors sing the folk songs for celebrations or the kundiman to show their emotions to a lover.

If I were to share my most fondest scene of Filipino tradition relating to music — it’s the HARANA.  I’ve seen it in the movies.  I’ve witnessed it in my years of vacationing in the province.  I’ve experienced how awkward it could be.  How romantic the concept is.  How funny it sometimes begin yet end up in a serious note or knot.

Just as when I thought that HARANA has been phased out of the market and from each Filipinos, it’s when I received an invitation to see the gala show.


Ang Bagong Harana — an age of Innocence that we Filipinos so badly need to return to.  [Karla Gutierrez, POC Atistic Director]

Whoever doubted that serenading is already out of fashion in this age of globalization?  Well, Chito Miranda doubted for a time.

In this theatrical performance of the Philippine Opera Company (POC), we are taken into a musical journey of the Filipino way of life.  From the children’s songs to tribal chants, the planting songs to courtship ditties, even the nostalgic kundiman to the work of the three C’s — Canseco, Cruz and Cayabyab, up to Freddie Aguilar’s hit song translated in multi-languages worldwide.


I, for one, found myself in awe and drowned in my own thoughts of the past.  These long forgotten songs are exactly what I needed to hear.  We need to be reminded once more who we were…before we came to this kind of a Filipino.

Ang Bagong Harana is a love song to the country.  It is a showcase of Filipino culture and how music has mold the Pinoy life today.  It is a musical journey every Filipino should take.

Karla Gutierrez said in her Artistic Director’s Note that “the songs in Ang Bagong Harana are our legacy and our best gift to the world.

In singing them again, we say to the world,

“This is who are are”,

“This is our heritage”,

“This is the musical journey all Filipinos should take.”

This is one theater performance I would recommend my theater friends to watch.  I am not a fan of musical plays, especially operas yet I appreciated the show.  I appreciated it because I was able to connect with it.  And that’s the power of music — it connects to your soul and emotion no matter how young or old we all are.


Apart from being blown away by the POC performers’ operatic voices, I was totally swept away by the gorgeous Filipiniana costumes they wore onstage.
The company of ten singers is made of theater actors and singers, Karla Guttierez, Aizel Prietos, Charley Magalit, Janine Santos, Marian Santiago, Lawrence Jatayna, Jack Salud, Nazer Salcedo, Marvin Gayramon & Al Gatmaitan.  Most have appeared in plays and musicals and even have a proper education on music.  Completing the powerful ensemble is the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group.

This journey is directed by Mr. Floy Quintos — a director for twenty-five years already, a five-time recipient of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Ward for Literature, a two-time recipient of the Philippine Theater Guild’s Gawad Buhay award, and a former fellow of the UP Creative Writing Center.

Ang Bagong Harana had a re-run at the RCBC Theater during the week of Independence Day.  If it were to be staged again, I encourage you to watch it.  Not convinced?  Here are 10 great reasons why you shouldn’t let a re-re-run to pass.

POC, in its 11th year of continuous efforts to revive and keep the tradition alive, is commended by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

These initiatives are also seen to help promote the thriving art scene, a niche market for both domestic and international tourism.

May the Philippine Opera Company, through its world-class performances, continue to draw deeper appreciation for the country’s many interesting features, especially among foreign guests.

— Sec.  Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr.

Love your own.  Support your own.  Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Let us show the world that we love our own talent and entertainment.  Like POC on Facebook and get the latest update on their upcoming shows and events.

COLORI-t Bianco and Nero

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United Colors of Benetton is a brand known for its “color” campaigns – be it executed visually or in character. It’s very rare that Benetton displays a black or white color on the store windows.

That is why I am very excited when I heard that Benetton has released two more new scents to join the COLORI line. But wait, the Colori line already released four scents inspired by the colorful world of Benetton.

First, there was red, yellow, green and blue.

Rosso and Giallo for women. Verde and Blu for men.

So what’s it gonna be this time?  Would you believe if I tell you that the newest fragrances are white and black?  Whether you believe it or not, you need to read on.
Black and white, white and black, are  opposites but clearly complementary.  While black is the absence of color in the spectrum, white is a blend of every in the spectrum.  Truly opposites but share the very same characteristics of being timeless, stylish, simple, modern and universal.  These characteristics can only be found in one fragrance brand, Benetton. 




Woman: sparkling and feminine

Just as white blends all the colors in the spectrum into pure perfection, so Benetton Bianco Woman fuses fruity and floral fragrance essences into a seductively sparkling composition. In the top note, luscious lychee pulp is complemented by bamboo sap and white mulberry, evolving into a feminine heart of white rose, grape flower and dewy jasmine. The dry-down is soft and sweet, infused with notes of cocooning cotton musk, vanilla and white patchouli.



Man: vibrant and virile

Cool and clean, fresh and forthright, Benetton Nero Man is a citrus woody scent that debuts with sparkling notes of blood tangerine, peppermint and grapefruit zest. The coolness lingers through a spicy heart of mace, juniper berries and lemon tree wood, lending depth to the fragrance, then evolves towards a darkly vibrant dry-down of Indonesian patchouli, ebony wood and black musks.

Now you believe me huh? Bianco and Nero are already available in all leading department stores and FRESH Fragrance Bar stores nationwide.  Last weekend I checked SM Makati department store, it’s sold out!  No kidding.   How couldn’t you resist buying it out of its shelf when it’s soooooo affordable?

Price range:  Eau de Toilette 100ml – PHP 1,350.00  | 30ml – PHP 850.00

Yes, my friend, you need to have it.  I’m saying this ’cause I got one already.  I won the Twitter contest during the bloggers event.  So today…I COLORI-t BIANCO.

I’m wearing Bianco of United Colors of Benetton.

Explore the fragrances inspired by the colorful world of Benetton.  United Colors of Benetton Colori line just grew bigger as Rosso, Giallo, Verde and Blu are joined by Bianco and Nero.

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HOT & COLD: Capture the allure of precious metals

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You missed them, didn’t you?  So did I.


The Hot & Cold fragrance of United Colors of Benetton was created in 1997, and is the best-selling line in the brand’s fragrances portfolio.

No wonder they didn’t feel the need to launch a new fragrance sooner.  The question lies on its consumers — Do they need a new Benetton fragrance when they simply had the best already?  You may not have asked for this but this June 2012, new Hot and Cold scents for women and men, have been released on to the shelves of your favorite department stores nationwide.

Introducing…HOT GOLD, COLD SILVER, two scents for women and men.

For legendary brand like Hot and Cold, only the most iconic precious metals could match  its being icon in the fragrance line.  Throughout the ages, all over the world, Gold and Silver have been symbols of wealth and objects of desire, traded as coinage and treasured as jewelry.   But then, in their universal allure, these iconic metals have never been expressed in fragrance until HOT Gold and COLD Silver.

The iconic bottles –  avant-garde – with their witty tap-shaped caps broke new ground in fragrance, symbolizing a flow of energy, a rush of sensations which, like water, can be turned on and off.  For the new fragrances, the execution is in pure white color code creating a perfect backdrop for the warm and cold metallic graphics.

Hot Gold for women

 Hot Gold for women

Its Latin name aurum – meaning shining dawn – gives a hint of the multiple evocations of gold. Gold is light and love, hope and happiness. Hot Gold for women captures these associations in a light and elegant fruity floral fragrance which opens with a bright bergamot note, rounded out by touches of golden apple and yellow peach. The delicate heart blends star fruit and radiant rose with soft hints of mimosa, developing into a sensual dry-down of sandalwood, solar musks and golden amber.

  Cold Silver for men

Sleek and sophisticated, silver is associated with design, technology and ultra-modernity. Cold Silver for men translates this cool, clean elegance into a virile fougere fragrance that immediately asserts its presence with dynamic top notes of yuzu, coriander and ginger. In the heart, aromatic silver sage is spiced with a pinch of cardamom seeds. The woody dry-down blends silver moss, mineral amber and vibrant musks, creating a strong, unmistakably masculine signature.

Classy.  Sexy.  Alluring.  Precious.

Personally, I want the Cold Silver scent.  The Hot Gold is too strong for me.  Well, I’ve always preferred men’s fragrance anyways so I guess it’s not a different story.  Choose your precious and relive the legendary Hot and Cold days with the new United Colors of Benetton fragrance line.
Price range:  Eau de Toilette 100ml – PHP 1,375.00  –  Don’t you just NEED to buy a bottle for this price?

Available in all FRESH Fragrance Bar & leading department stores nationwide.  If you think this is it, then you’re wrong ’cause there’s more scent to explore.
Stay posted for the next entry.  Clue:  United COLORS  of BENETTON.  

10 Things I WANT to Do

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Aside from the ever-changing and so many things I want in life, I was able to fortunately narrow it down to 10 last June 8 when the the topic #10ThingsIMustDoBeforeIDie trended on Twitter.

As I was reading Bucket List Publications‘ entries…hmmmm, a light bulb.

Here are the 10 top-of-mind things I’d do before I die.  Damn, now that I shared it to everyone, I’m pressured to make it happen.


Not bad huh?  Now, I need to start making them happen. Oh wait, 2012 bucket list check first then off to this one.

How do you like this post, Lesley?  It’s so inspiring to read your blog and I got excited to write more indulging experiences, adventure and travel.  I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Stroll the Theater World with TEATRONG GALA

•June 19, 2012 • 2 Comments

Welcome to the wonderful world of theater!

Last week, I found out that a very good friend has successfully mounted a new theater group.  I am very happy about it and I need to share it to everyone.

Take your artistic hat and have a stroll with me as I introduce you to…


Teatrong Gala (TG) 
 is a product of Koordin8 Events and Marketing Inc. It is the answer to Koordin8’s mission to spread EDUTAINMENT – Learning should be and can be fun.  The group’s mission is in line with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Special Program for the Arts.

True to their mission, TG plans each program to supplement school curriculum and enhance students’ learning through the arts.  Edutainment at its finest – mixing scholastic and artistic elements to create a very substantial and relevant performances.

Science, Filipino, Arts and Music, History, English and Values Education are among the possible subjects that will be touched by each TG stage play.

Aside from the group’s conscious effort to bring the performances in schools, they will also provide schools with a free study guide (Teacher’s Guide and Student Worksheet) prior to each performances.  This aims to facilitate the incorporation of the theater experience into classroom activities.  This study guide is a manual specifically designed and created by TG’s Subject Area Experts.
On its first season, TG offers “Ang Pobreng Alindanaw”,  which stars comedienne Mosang supported by Angel Raymundo and Cris Pastor. 


Ang Pobreng Alindanaw attempts to picture life.  It dares to talk about acceptance, struggle and dream in a drama-comedy execution.

Theater enthusiasts are probably wondering what to expect from this theater production as this is the first offering of Teatrong Gala and this would create a benchmark for TG.

We believe in the maxim that teaching and learning must be dynamic.   Expect digital theater in the play supporting the grandiose of the story which was initially staged at the CCP Virgin Labfest a few years back.

– DeeGee De Guzman, Director

Let’s find out ourselves.  Catch the only staging of Ang Pobreng Alindanaw this Saturday, June 23, 11:30 AM at the SM Megamall Cinema 10.
I want to be the first to see it and write about the experience so I’ve reserved two (2) tickets already.  Get yours NOW! Please text/call 0923 929 9994 / 0927 470 2547 / 268 1733 or send a private message to Koordin8 Events and Marketing Inc.

Expect Teatrong Gala to offer theater productions that support the mission and vision of DepEd and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).  TG stage plays will serve as an educational tool to promote our rich culture and values.

Stay posted and be the first to know more about TG’s future performances.

Hmmmm…again, I wanted to be the first to know so I asked around and I’m sharing this tip to you all.  TG’s next theater production will be staged in December.   Ssssshhhh… don’t tell anyone just yet. Instead, redirect them to this blog! Hahahaha.

A request?  Can TG create a Facebook fan page please?

Stroll with me again next time. I would really want that.

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